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Freedom Players

Devised Theatre for Social Justice

Freedom Players

Part of the Black Theatre & Dance Collective
On hiatus due to pandemic. Learn more at Wayne State University’s COVID webpage.
$300 School / $150 Title I School / $400 Non-school

About the show

Led by Billicia Charnelle Hines, Dr. RAZ Mikey Courtney, and Karen Prall, the Freedom Players is a devised theatre performance that addresses issues of social justice for Detroit Public Schools Community District, serving approximately 3,600 public middle and high school students. A new show will be devised each year to reflect the changing attitudes of race and privilege in Detroit.

Our next devised production will be announced at a later date.

What is devised theatre?

“Devising happens when a group of theater-makers collaborate through improvised activities, games, and exercises. This process allows the group to begin teasing out the kinds of stories they want to tell, and how exactly they want to tell them. When devising techniques are employed, there are less conventional restrictions throughout the creative process such as time, rehearsal structure, and a written text. Devising represents uncharted territory, it is important that the group collaborates patiently throughout the development of the performance.” — Josh Orlando, This Stage (LA STAGE Alliance)

Booking Info

  • Tour dates: Currently on hiatus
  • Tour rates: $300 School / $150 Title I School / $400 Non-school
    For distances requiring travel greater than 30 miles, please inquire about mileage and gas fee.
  • Additional Options: Post-show discussions are available. Please request at the time of your booking. We may not be able to accommodate all requests, pending schedule.