Available each spring

Company One

A lecture-demonstration performance for children

Company One

Company One

On hiatus due to pandemic. Learn more at Wayne State University’s COVID webpage.
$300 School / $150 Title I School / $400 Non-school

About the show

The lecture-demonstration performance format is built to engage students in an experience of seeing and experiencing movement as a form of communication.

Booking Info

  • Tour dates: Currently on hiatus
  • Tour rates: $300 School / $150 Title I School / $400 Non-school
    For distances requiring travel greater than 30 miles, please inquire about mileage and gas fee.
  • Additional Options: A  class is available for an additional fee. Choose an optional class from the styles below.
  • Ballet: Come improve your ballet technique and enhance your artistry in this fun and essential class.
  • Improv: Explore your inner dancer by following loose guidelines to boost your creativity in dance.
  • Contemporary: Prepare to be in your feels for this stylistic combo full of expressive movement.
  • Modern: Explore the way you move while learning present mental awareness of your body in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Jazz Funk: Bring your sass and swag and get ready to get your groove on while kicking it to the top hits.