Reading Circle

A book club connecting the arts and community

As part of our Audience Engagement programs and our commitment to our We Will accountability statement, we offer our Reading Circle. With each book, we’ll offer Zoom or in-person conversations (when possible) where we can gather and discuss themes. Read our Vision and Mission Statements below.

Everyone is welcome to join this free program. Simply complete the registration form.

  • OUR VISION: Theatre and Dance at Wayne’s Reading Circle will create space to build more diverse and inclusive audience relationships, ensuring that our artistic programming speaks to our community.
  • OUR MISSION: Theatre and Dance at Wayne’s Reading Circle engages our community in conversations centered around selected works of literature to deepen the connection between the performing arts and civic engagement and to inspire and nurture the collective human spirit.
  • OUR THEME: For 2020-2021: Revelation. Empathy. Change.

How do I join?

The Reading Circle is currently dormant with the hope of returning this upcoming Summer 2021.

We will be taking this time to evaluate how we can make this book club more fulfilling for everyone involved! In the meantime, please keep on reading, and we hope to see you again when we return.

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Reading Circle