We Will: Our Promise of Accountability

Anti-Racism & Accountability

Dear Friends,

During this time of monumental social and political reckoning, we are deeply grateful to our students for coming forward to share their observations and experiences about the Department. Our history reveals that we have failed to be our best. Our future commits us to strive to improve. We are listening. We are learning from you.

With a vision towards building a theatre and dance community in which the plurality of every single person’s humanity is welcome, is invited, is cherished, we commit to:

  • Modeling change, in the spirit of our President, M. Roy Wilson;
  • Making anti-racism, cultural sensitivity, and inclusion our core departmental values, expressed in curriculum, policy, assessment, marketing, recruitment and the training of faculty and staff;
  • Producing performances that promote the development of an inclusive, educated, and informed audience;
  • Launching a Dialogue Series of Guest Speakers and a Reading Circle exploring the topics of racism, anti-racism, oppression, inclusion, and sensitivity;
  • Supporting local Black Artists and Arts and Culture Organizations;
  • Sourcing materials at local minority owned businesses; and
  • Providing resources and agency for the Student Advocacy Council. WSU Theatre and Dance students interested in joining the Student Advocacy Council may register to join the council here.

Organizations can be excellent only if they invite honest, fair and rigorous participation from all of their members. We want to be excellent for you and with you. We look forward to partnering with you to create structures of accountability – the policies, the principles, the habits of practice – that keep us faithful to our purposes.

Yours respectfully,

The Faculty and Staff of the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance

If you feel we are not holding up our promise of accountability, please email us. Your comments will be shared with our department’s leadership.